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COVID-19 Re-opening

Blessings to the Abundant Life Family, 
First let me express my appreciation to all of you for working through these times, more importantly, adapting to the changes that we have had to make in all areas of our lives.  I trust the Lord has guided many of you through these waters and He is continuing to show His grace in each day that appears.  We are now preparing to return to church in a new normal.  Our first Sunday back will be May 31, 2020.  We have sought the Lord on this matter and we are confident that this is our time.  We have some housekeeping guidelines that we encourage everyone to follow so that we can maintain a clean and sanitized environment.  In addition, we have taken the time to thoroughly clean the facility and sanitize everything in sight.  We will continue this process both during the service and even at the end of the service.  Please take a moment to read the bullet points for our return so that we are all on the same page.   Know that we love you and we continue to cover you in daily prayer.
Returning to Abundant Life:

  1. On May 31, 2020 Abundant Life will open for our main service at 10:00 AM.  We will not have the School of Vision or the School of the Word on Wednesdays.  We will evaluate these matters in the weeks ahead.
  2. We realize that some may not be comfortable with returning just yet, and we completely understand. We strongly encourage you not to return until you are comfortable.
    1. We ask all members to refrain from coming to the church if you are sick with any sort of respiratory illness.
    2. Service will be available via livestream on YouTube. Subscribe and click on the 🔔 bell icon to receive notifications for when to join us for service Sunday morning.
  3. Everyone should enter the building with a mask in place; all ministry workers will be wearing mask and gloves.
  4. Please sanitize your hands when entering the sanctuary.
  5. The chairs have been separated in the sanctuary and have been marked for your social distancing.  There will be a green ribbon placed at the end of the row for the areas to sit in and a red ribbon for rows not to sit in.
    1. Please sit with your family.
  6. Please refrain from hugging, not everyone is fully comfortable.  Please refrain from shaking hands; fist or elbow bumping is quite acceptable.
  7. If at all possible, please make out your offering envelopes ahead of time or give electronically using, EasyTithe (app available in app stores: Apple/GooglePlay) or PayPal.
  8. A mic will be placed in the front of the church for prophetic ministry.  You will only need to stand behind the wind shield to speak into the mic, no hands required.
  9. Restrooms will be sanitized after use (upstairs).  For the lower restrooms, we are asking that you sanitize your area after use.
  10. The kitchen will be closed; we ask that we would not socialize in that area.
  11. We ask that everyone would bring their personal water bottle as the water fountain will be closed until further notice.  We will have bottled water available, but the supply is limited perhaps to guests and those in need.
  12. Prayer:  We know that praying with one another is part of the hallmark of our faith.  We are setting up a tent on the west side of the church so that prayer would be available immediately following the service.
  13. Once we have completed service we ask that you would not linger in the sanctuary so that we can prepare for the next service with Vida Abundante under Pastor Benjamin. 


  1. Parent and me (3 years or younger) only
  2. Kids 4 and up should stay upstairs
  3. No snacks provided to curb the spread of germs. But you can bring your own
  4. Deep clean before and after each use
  5. Wash your hands and your child(ren) hands before you enter
  6. Please wear your mask at all times
  7. Play with the toys as needed
  8. Max 3 parents in the room. The adjoining class rooms can be used as well if there are more than 3 parents

Most Importantly, I can’t thank all of you enough for your faithfulness to the ministry and your support of Kingdom endeavors.  This Sunday is the celebration of Pentecost and we are looking to the Lord to lead us into fresh dimensions for the new season we are in.  Our ground is not shaky, and neither is it unstable.  Our trust is in Him.  That is the report we have chosen to follow.  God bless you all.  This is all for now…..

Your Apostles, 

Kevin & Denise Nelson 

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